Summer Sandalwood & Lavender – 4 oz


Hawaiian Petrel
Pterodroma sandwichensis

Bulgarian lavender and creamy vanilla are sweet and subtle scents that add to the sensual aroma of sandalwood. Indulge yourself with this calming yet intoxicatingly fragrant soap. Let this bar linger a while on your linen closet shelf or in a shaded nook of your bathroom before using it as soap to extend that dreamy feel of summer.

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We make a pure sandalwood soap that we shred and sprinkle throughout our bastille blend of organic olive, coconut and castor oils, with Bulgarian lavender and vanilla.

Hey, did you know that Hawaiian Petrel:

  • are endemic to Hawai‘i
  • begin breeding at ~6 years of age
  • nest in underground burrows like rabbits
  • are a nocturnal seabird, and
  • adults can fly for several weeks & cover over 9,600 km to find food for their nestlings!

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