Sandalwood Forest – 2oz


Short-tailed Albatross

Phoebastria Albatrus

The 2 oz version of our exotic, captivating and heavenly sandalwood scent. We blend the velvety smoothness of sandalwood with two other comforting forest smells for a deeply enriching aroma. First, we add pine wood oil to bring a hint of evergreen freshness. Second, we add cedar wood oil to highlight the somber earth tones of sandalwood. To sweeten the scent just a bit, we add creamy vanilla. Lose yourself in our Sandalwood Forest bar . . . a real treat for body and mind.

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Organic olive, coconut, and castor oils blended with an essential and fragrance oil mix of woody scents: sandalwood, cedar wood and pinewood, splashed in vanilla.


Hey, did you know that the Short-tailed Albatross:

  • Is a rare bird of the North Pacific Ocean
  • Almost became extinct in the late 19th century
  • Can have a wingspan of 13-feet
  • Has a mostly pink beak highlighted with a blue tip and has yellow feet
  • Like to feed during early mornings or in the middle of the night