Orchid & Lavender Mist – 2 oz


Laysan Albatross

Diomedea immutabilis

Alluring and subtle, orchid-laced and lavender sprinkled, this subtle musk fragrance is pillow soft and deliciously relaxing. Float away with our 2 oz bar and its soothingly pleasant and clean scent. Relax the body with a luxuriant nutrient-rich coconut milk lather.

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We make this bastille soap with organic olive, coconut & castor oils, and add heaps of creamy coconut milk for a dreamy lather and light coconut scent. Our blend of Bulgarian lavender, bergamot, sage and vanilla will bring sweet dreams – day and night!

Hey, did you know that the Laysan Albatross:

  • will pair with a mate for life and return to the same breeding site year after year
  • hunt for food mostly at night
  • sleep on the water or in flight, and
  • primarily breeds on Midway Atoll in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands

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Weight 4.0 oz