Coconut Milk Bastille (Unscented) – 4 oz


Waved Albatross

Phoebastria irrorata

This simple coconut milk-based soap is made primarily with organic olive oil for a nourishing, silky lather that is wonderful on dry skin. We left out the scent so those with extra sensitive but extra drying skin can enjoy a good cleanse without the worry of skin reactions to essential or fragrance oils. So simple and pure, and a great shaving soap too!

* * This soap is safe for all skin types * *

* * This soap is safe for those with sensitive skin * *


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It’s just our Bastille blend of organic olive, coconut and castor oil in a base of rich, creamy coconut milk. That’s it!

Hey, did you know that the Waved Albatross:

  • has body feathers that are in a wavelike pattern
  • breeds only on Española Island in the Galápagos archipelago
  • is reared for about 167 days after hatching, and
  • will leave the nest and spend the next 6 years of its life at sea maturing into a breeding adult

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