Citrus Spring Hawaiian Ale – 2 oz


Red-footed Booby

Sula sula

Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmm & Mmmmmmmm is what you’ll say when you smell this combination of aromas in our 2 oz bar – ripened fruit, subtle floral, hearty oat and Hawaiian Ale. With a touch of apricot and freesia, like the first hint of spring, this clean and carefree fragrance is subtle on the senses but powerful on the mind and spirit. Ground oatmeal and paprika are used as mild cleansers and exfoliating agents. Enjoy this smooth and teasingly tangy scent of Spring year-round.

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Both steel-cut and whole grain oats are ground into a powder that is added to Hawaiian Ale for a satisfying lather and a soothingly pleasant scrub. We blend the subtle fragrance of fruity apricot & breezy freesia with citrus, lavender, sage, and grapefruit with our blend of organic olive, coconut and castor oils. A sprinkling of crimson paprika is like the sunrise on a spring day!

Hey, did you know that the Red-footed Booby:

  • is a powerful and agile flier, but is clumsy in takeoffs and landings
  • breeds in the Hawaiian Islands
  • is the smallest of the boobies, and
  • is similar to all boobies in that it never carries its prey in its beak, but instead always swallows it before taking flight

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