Chocolate Lovers Soap – 4oz


Hawaiian Noddy

Anous minutus

This Valentine’s Day enjoy a unique chocolate gift!

Seabird Soaps is having a one-time sale of our goat milk chocolate bars, but only until February 7th or until supplies last, whichever comes first!

There’s no doubt you will fall in love with our popular Chocolate Lovers Soap! Indulge in a totally skin-softening, calorie-free, lathery treat of 100% organic and locally-sourced cocoa butter, cocoa powder, beeswax, and goat milk creaminess. We also blend fragrance and essential oils to achieve a decadent fudge brownie scent that will have you swooning with every use! These bars darken on the curing rack, and they have a relatively long shelf-life so enjoy the soothingly satisfying scent of chocolate before use. Give your sweetie some guilt-free chocolate this Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to treat yourself as well!!

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Organic coconut, olive, and castor oils blended with locally-sourced goat milk, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and beeswax produces a rich, luxuriously smooth lather. Combined with the mouth-watering scent of warm brownies from the oven, this bar is seriously irresistible!


Hey, did you know that the Hawaiian Noddy:

  • Is actually two different sub-species of the Black Noddy!
  • Sub-species A. s. melanogenys occurs in the Main Hawaiian Islands
  • Sub-species A. s. marcusi occurs in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
  • Have a wingspan of 13-feet
  • Has a mostly pink beak highlighted with a blue tip and has yellow feet
  • Like to feed during early mornings or in the middle of the night