Aloe Vera & Cucumber – 4 oz


Red-tailed Tropicbird

Phaethon rubricauda

If the amazingly cool and refreshing scent of our Aloe Vera and Cucumber soap is not enough to grab your attention, the soothing, creamy lather and healing properties of aloe will! Richly emollient and deeply moisturizing, aloe can make your skin look and feel amazingly more soft and supple. We add heaps of aloe straight from the garden along with a sprinkling of ground oatmeal for a soft scrub that will leave you feeling properly cleansed aside from being thoroughly soothed with each use! The natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antibacterial properties of aloe vera products can reduce and eventually eliminate dry skin ailments such as peeling, flaking of the skin, and even painful cracks. Keep that glowing and healthy look over time with aloe vera soap – one of the best things you can do for your skin.

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We combine organic sunflower, coconut & olive oils with fresh, pure aloe vera purée. For additional skin protection, we add cocoa butter, Hawaiian beeswax, French green clay, and ground oatmeal. A breezy, cool cucumber fragrance oil is sure to soothe the spirit while the bubbly lather cleanses the body!


Hey, did you know that Red-tailed Tropicbird:

  • Adults display complex aerial acrobatics during courtship
  • Begins breeding at age four, and can live to be 16 years old
  • Pairs are site loyal, usually returning to the same nest year after year
  • Is not known to migrate, and adults can be found in the vicinity of colonies all year round