About Seabirds

Imagine a blue ocean, a blue sky, and the dark silhouette of a seabird on the wing in search of food. Chances are you pictured a seabird like a shearwater that flies above the ocean, streamlining its body and plunging like a bullet beak-first into the water. Or maybe you pictured a penguin with modified wings that allow for chasing prey far beneath the ocean’s surface. Perhaps you visualized a storm-petrel, the smallest of all seabirds, that do not quite land on the water, but merely dip their webbed feet in while fluttering their wings over the surface to feed on plankton, making them seem as though they are walking on water.

Tufted PuffinsThere are about 346 different species of seabirds worldwide. Seabirds are a top predator in marine environments, and are therefore crucial components in the cycles that govern the ocean. Seabirds only come ashore to nest; they concentrate in colonies by the hundreds of thousands in some places, and play important roles in the cycles that govern the terrestrial environment.

Importantly, because seabirds influence both marine and terrestrial environments, they are a vital link to the health of both these realms.

It is all too easy to overlook the connections we humans have to seabirds. The ocean, where seabirds spend a majority of their lives, is a vast and removed environment for most humans. When seabirds do come ashore, it is only to nest, often in very remote and inaccessible locations, away from most humans and their associated threats. Today, many of the world’s seabird species face threats that may cause their extinction. That’s right…….gone forever.

Promoting Seabird Awareness

Each one of our soaps represents a different seabird species, and similar species are grouped together:

  • Albatross Series= Coconut Milk soaps (creamy and island tropical)
  • Auk Series = Goat Milk soaps (nutrient-rich, organic, local, fresh goat milk)
  • Penguin Series = Scrub soaps (natural, exfoliating ingredients)
  • Petrel & Shearwater Series = Swirly soaps (fun, colorful and playful)
  • Tropicbird Series = French Green Clay soaps (cleansing, refreshing, invigorating)
  • Booby & Gannet Series = Hawaiian Ale & Oat soaps (island brewed beer and hearty oat – totally satisfying)

Be sure to check out the Product Description section for each soap for fun facts about that particular seabird species!

Black-legged Kittywake chick
People Connected to Seabirds

We would know very little about the world’s seabirds were it not for the people who find them so fascinating. Click any of the links below to read about folks who share a passion for seabirds:

Linda Elliott, Hawai‘i Wildlife Center – Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Research


Diana Doyle, American Birding Association’s Birding magazine