About Us

Red-footed Booby on bowsprit

Seabird Soaps is a Hawaiian-based business that was born from a love of chemistry and experimentation, a desire to create skin-friendly soaps, and a deep passion for seabirds.

As a wildlife biologist for over 25 years, I have learned a lot about seabird biology and conservation. What attracts me most to this group of birds is the diversity among species. I delight in the antics of colorful clown-like Puffins, I am captivated by the musky scent of palm-sized Storm-Petrels, and I am entranced – every time – by Albatross soaring ever so endlessly on a single beat of their 7-foot wing span!

Making soap is a very different field of study than seabird biology and conservation. Extensive knowledge of chemistry and a love of experimentation are the foundation of my soap making. Yes, there are the botched batches and meltdown moments – life is full of those. Trial-and-error is part of the adventure and a big part of developing new soap blends.

Importantly, Seabird Soaps contain no palm oil, palm kernel oil, or red palm fruit oil

The global demand Short-tailed Albatross 4lb batchfor palm oil is extremely high, and fuels the destruction of rainforests for palm plantations. Palm oil makes a hard bar of soap with a long lasting lather. Instead, we use butters such as cocoa butter and shea for hardness, and milks like coconut milk and goat milk rich in natural vitamins and minerals for a dreamy luxurious lather.

** Be sure to use a soap dish that lets water drain completely, and lets air flow freely around your bar of soap, helping it to dry completely and extending its longevity! **

NEW Soap Line!

Over the past two years we’ve gotten a lot of customer feedback. In response, we’ve expanded our soap line! We still make soap with our unique blends of pure essential oils, but now also include scents that are essential oils blended with top quality skin safe fragrance oils. Look in the ingredient list for each soap for the words “pure essential oil blend” – these soaps will also be listed as safe for all skin types and for those with sensitive skin. Check out our new line of Hawaiian beer soaps, French green clay soaps, and other fun soaps!

In Support of Seabirds

Seabird Soap’s mission of promoting world-wide awareness of the importance of seabirds, includes helping seabird causes both here in our home state of Hawai‘i and beyond. One of our objectives is to recognize organizations and individuals that dedicate their time and efforts to conserving seabird populations. Please visit the links on our About Seabirds page to learn about people who have unique connections with seabirds.

Lastly, we encourage you to think about the footprints you leave on this planet. As consumers we have a choice and therefore a voice. Say NO to palm oil and stand with the growing number of individuals fighting against the rampant deforestation in Borneo and Malaysia, and the displacement of native forest inhabitants – animal and human alike! Together, our choices and voices can make a difference worldwide!

MAHALO (Thank you)

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